Three Things To Know About Car Crash Lawsuits

Getting into a car crash is always traumatizing. You may be a responsible driver driving on a public road while sober on a beautiful day only to end up getting t-boned at an intersection just because a negligent driver was speeding,driving while intoxicated or simply refused to stop at the stop sign or red light. Whatever the case,you can file a lawsuit to get compensation for the pain and suffering,missed wages and medical bills you incurred and are likely to incur in the future. Before filing a lawsuit,there are several things you should know. Below are three things to know about car crash lawsuits:

i) Fault is Everything

Car crash lawsuits are all about negligence or fault. Who is it that caused the crash? This is the question that the court will be looking to get an answer to. The responsible party is the one who should pay for the resulting liabilities. Therefore,you will need to have evidence to prove that the person you are suing was negligent,and the negligence caused the injuries you are seeking compensation for. Usually,principles of comparative negligence apply,so if you were less than 50% at fault,your fault will be taken into consideration when calculating the amount of money you should get.

ii) You Can Settle Out of Court

The most important thing to know about lawsuits is that they are best settled out of court. If you are asking for a million dollars in compensation for your injuries and the defendant is offering $800k,you should take it to save time and reduce the risk of having the case dismissed or ruled against you.

iii) Your Injuries Must Meet the Serious Injuries Threshold

Before you can sue,your attorney for car accidents will have to determine whether or not your injuries have exceeded the serious injuries threshold. If not,there is no need of filing a lawsuit.

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